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My Website Rankings Dropped in Google Search Results

Problems with Google dropping our rankingA website I own dropped significantly in rankings from Google’s search results today. It was #3 in the rankings for a top level keyword & domain combination.

I just updated the site recently and asked Google to re-index it. They did and now the site mysteriously disappeared from the top rankings.

I hope that Google is just re-indexing it’s database and our site will show up in a few hours or days.

Google DOES show the website in it’s database.

To not worry so much, I had to do some investigating. I landed on this comment at High

We Don’t Have Control Over the Search Engines

That’s pretty much what I explain to my customers. We don’t have control over the search engines and they don’t give us their algorithms. You work with the search engines.

I’ve seen it before where a website drops and comes right back. It’s just the quicks of computers and the internet…I hope. 😉

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  1. I am a designer currently optimising for alot of customers. One thing we have found when sites disappear off Google is when they are new domains, or if they have probably been ‘over’ optimised.

    “Content is King” so spamming your website won’t be beneficial in the long run. Combining good well thought out content and some good links from similar sources with high page ranks is the best.

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