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New Year Resolutions – A New Website

Happy New Year!

Have you made any New Year resolutions?

I plan on expanding the business in a few different ways. One way is to broaden our network of designers and developers so we can accommodate our growing client base. Another is a new website for MJS Web Solutions. You know the old adage, “A carpenter’s home never gets built”? Well, us web designers know the saying. We were so busy last year, we didn’t have time to concentrate on ourselves, especially our website.

Which brings up an article I saw last weekend, in the SF Chronicle, about small-business owners making New Year’s resolutions. What caught my eye was this quote from someone who had setup her new website:

Creating a Web site is a lot of work when you’re a small business without a marketing department,” she said. “You’re constantly proofing text and bringing people together to answer e-mails from the Web designer. It was an odyssey to get it done.”

She’s right. It takes a lot of time and patience when building a new website. There is a lot involved.

  1. Strategic planning
  2. Site structure design
  3. Visual design and proofing
  4. HTML/CSS coding production and testing
  5. Backend programming and testing
  6. Search engine optimization
  7. Launch, measuring, and future updates

The major challenge is time. Know that you will have to spend quality time on your new website. That’s good because it’s your business you’re showing to the world.

Happy New Year!

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