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News Is Good News


Wow! What an interesting news day it was yesterday. Speaking of news, did you notice our new homepage and services page layouts? We also, added a new tagline: Building Websites That Can Actually Be Found. I think that about sums up our motto here. A website isn’t any good if no one can find it. Please send me your comments and let me know what you think of the new design and our new company direction. I love feedback. 😉

On with the news…

GooglePreview Streamlines Searches
GooglePreview shows users the web pages linked to their search results. (Alexa does this. In fact this is where the results come from.) All the more reason to pay attention to the look and feel when developing a website. Interesting. I wonder if it’ll catch on. An image is worth a thousand words right?

Net Attacks Unabated
The amount of malware plaguing the internet shows no signs of tapering off. Trend Micro said 3 of 7 outbreaks were from worms on Instant Messaging. And viruses affecting mobile devices. This leaves me in the clear – I don’t use Instant Messaging and I don’t own a cell phone. That’s the best protection.

Software Detects Unhappy Callers
I had to add this one in. It was just too ridiculous to avoid. The software “helps improve customer service by identifying callers who are upset”. Wha? People can’t detect this on their own? Do we really need machines to recognize that we’re pissed off? Oh Good Grief!

Have a great week.

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