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One Is Not Always The Loneliest Number


A company here in Alameda, California (To protect the guilty, I won’t mention their name) approached me recently about building a website for their organization. I said I would be happy to and said, “let’s setup a time to meet.” I tried and was informed they were too busy and would get back to me. I’m still waiting. I also haven’t seen any change to their website. It still only shows a directory structure.

Unfortunately I’ve seen many sites like this.

If nothing else, there should be at least one page that represents the company. You don’t have to create a full 100 page website to advertise your organization. One page may be all you need. At least have something.

On this one page, the company can add their logo, a small blurb about their services and/or products, one or more pictures of their product, and contact information. That’s it.

If you have a website, but no information, visitors will not trust you or the organization. And how is anyone supposed to find out more about the company? The old saying goes, if it’s not ready, it’s not ready.

It all boils down to planning

If you plan on registering a domain name and setting up a web hosting account, don’t forget to add to the mix one website. In this case – a one page website.

Have a great holiday weekend.

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