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Optimize for Google First

I just received my latest copy of CIO magazine and there was a little blurb in there about Who Uses Google? 52% of 1,000 survey respondents chose Google “as their primary site for general web searches”.

Experienced Internet Users Use Google

The more interesting part of the article was that more experienced internet users use Google and they tend to have higher incomes – above $60,000 – than those who use competing search engines like Yahoo or MSN.

This is why I’ve been saying all along, optimize for Google first – the other engines second. Why?

  1. More affluent people use Google
  2. More people in general use Google
  3. Experienced people use Google

Our Website

This is not just true from an article perspective. It rings true for our own site. I just checked our web statistics and 78% of our traffic from search engines comes from Google. That’s huge.

So take my word for it. Optimize for Google first. The rest of the search engines are icing on the cake.

Have a great weekend.

Note: The Google survey was done by S.G. Cowen & Co.

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