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Our New Blog


We just upgraded our blog. Very exciting!

We are now using WordPress. The new software is so much better. With the new WordPress blog, you can search our posts and view posts by categories. (A request I got quite frequently).

Our new WordPress blog also has comment spam prevention, something our other blogging software lacked. This was one of the main reasons for our upgrade. The spam associated with our previous blog was way too time intensive to manage. Now we can monitor or completely turn off comments.

It may look the same, but underneath the hood it’s a whole new system.

If you want to test out the same product we are using, visit Alentus today to setup your new blog.

Mike Swartz says, “Check it out.”

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  1. I must admit, the newer version of wordpress ha s been improved intensly – even the design of it looks so much better than the old ‘blue’ look. It does have its faults, but the spam filter is great.

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