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Partnerships in Business

Though I am not a big fan of the extra fees Ticketmaster applies to each ticket purchase, I have to commend them on their partnership business deals.

You can see in the image below, Ticketmaster has teamed up with iTunes and Facebook (and vice versa). I have iTunes and I did go to the iTunes store and download the sampler. Everyone benefited from my one action: Ticketmaster, iTunes and the bands on the sampler.

Ticketmaster Business Partnerships with iTunes and Facebook

The most important business partner piece is the Facebook Users reference, “Are You Going to This Show”? Facebook is becoming the next revolution on the internet and what better way to promote Ticketmaster – and the band that I purchased – than to recommend them to my friends, immediately, on Facebook.


After I purchased my tickets, it wasn’t over yet. I received a coupon from Netflix, with the tickets, asking me to sign up to receive 3 free rentals.

Creating and establishing partnerships in the online world is more important than ever. Facebook, Yelp, MySpace and other social networking sites are becoming the future of the internet.

Creating Business Partnerships

Who can you partner up with? If you’re a Realtor, you can partner up with Title companies, mortgage brokers, real estate lawyers, home inspectors, etc. How? Ads on each other’s websites or being included in their newsletters.

Mike Swartz says, “Check it Out”.

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