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Hope you had a great weekend.

I woke up this morning to find out I couldn’t connect to the Internet (good thing I have a dial-up backup). I called tech support, and of course, they couldn’t give me a time when the network would be back up or what the cause was…only the symptoms. The tech support person apologized and thanked me for my patience.

Patience – That’s something we all need to have a little more of. In these immediate – have to get it done now – times, we expect everything to be taken care of NOW. Unfortunately what we want done usually requires the assistance of others or there’s an indirect correlation between the two.

In Donald Trump’s new book, “How To Get Rich“, he devotes a whole chapter on being patient.

We also need to be patient about the success or level of traffic to our website. A high amount of traffic is our dream, but it may take more time than expected. The main objective is to get the word out that you have a website and to ask (or tell) people to visit. If you don’t tell anyone about your service, business or website, how will anyone know about it?

With any marketing endeavor – websites included – a plan needs to be enacted, the plan needs to be put into practice and the results need to be measured. This takes time and patience. It can’t happen overnight. If it did, every website would be a success.

Anthony Robbins put it best in “The Ultimate Success Formula”:

  1. Know your outcome.
  2. Get yourself to take action by deciding to do so.
  3. Notice what you’re getting from your actions.
  4. If what you’re doing is not working, change your approach.

Success doesn’t begin from the top down, you have to work you’re way up to it. This takes time and a fair amount of patience.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to find out why it’s taking my ISP so long to get me back online. 😉

’til next time.

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