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Poor Search Results from Yahoo Local

My God. The search engines need to get it right. Especially Yahoo Local.

I was just informed about the new Yahoo Local. Pretty nice on the surface, but underneath the search results are horrendous – meaning, they’re not relevant.

Here are some examples:

I went searching for “web design” (of course) in Alameda, CA. Here are some of the results.

  • 1st result – And I quote: “ is no longer active”. Yippee.
  • Here’s another one – – “This site has been administratively suspended”.
  • And another – Website “Coming Soon”

Are you kidding me? What is the point of searching if the results are to websites that are down or inactive?

There’s gotta be a way for these search engines (namely Yahoo) to recognize that a site is down or inactive and not provide a link to it, or better yet, remove it from my search.

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