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Bike for Clean Water Website

Launch Date: October 2022
Features: Landing Page, One-Page Website, WordPress CMS, Fundraising
Project: Website Design

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Website Raises Over $120K

That’s right! In approximately 5 months the fundraising website surpassed the original goal of $70k and shot up to over $120k donations, overreaching the fundraising goal by 71%.

How it all started…

Phil Holt contacted us wanting to develop a fundraising website to help raise money for clean water for kids in Kenya. To help raise money for sponsorship, Phil was going to ride his bike from Oregon to Maine…which he did successfully.

Before we began the design, we needed to determine the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How questions.

  • Who was our target audience? Who was going to be visiting the site?
  • What were visitors going to do on the site? What was the main action they would perform on the site?
  • Why were they coming to the site? Why would visitors donate?
  • When did the fundraising end? Was there a time constraint?
  • How were they going to donate? And how much?

Answers to those questions determined our page layout

(We discussed with Phil about building the site with multiple pages, but after a thorough examination, our recommendation was to focus on one page only, or one landing page, since there was one cause and one goal in mind).

  1. First, an attention-grabbing header; image and headline, telling visitors why there were here and how they could help. And immediately give them options to learn more or donate.
  2. If this was their first visit or visitors wanted to know more before committing funds, we introduced Phil’s purpose or overall goal and followed up with the ‘why’ or reason for fundraising.
  3. Further down the page we introduced The Ride, the premise of the fundraiser, and images detailing Phil’s journey.
  4. At the bottom (footer), we reiterated the fundraising goal with another donation CTA (Call to Action).

All these elements integrated into the page flow helped raise over $120k to get clean water to kids in Kenya. “Mission accomplished”, said Phil.

MJS Web Solutions quickly designed a very compelling and cost-effective website that helped us achieve our fundraising goal!

– Phil Holt, Bike for Clean Water

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