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GHA Design Website Design by MJS Web Solutions


GHA’s previous website was designed in the early 2000’s and in need of a complete refresh and overhaul.

GHA Design Old Website
Old Website Design

Newer technologies were being introduced and the website was not taking full advantage. The layout of content was underwhelming, the site was not mobile friendly, and lacking a content management system (CMS) making it extremely difficult to update timely tradeshow event content.

Our Solution

The successful goal was showcasing what GHA was all about, creating and designing tradeshow exhibits with the utmost quality support. The website layout presented their vast portfolio and customer support immediately to the website visitor. And with subtle animation effects emphasized their complete line of services. A dynamic calendar, displaying active, timely content, was integrated into the site letting visitors know which tradeshows GHA would be attending, thereby engaging potential and current clients.

Launch Date: July 2020
Features: WordPress CMS, Responsive, Event Calendar, Portfolio
Project: Website Design

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