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Healing Works Foundation Website Showcase

Healing Works Foundation Website Redesign

Current Situation

We’ve been working with Healing Works Foundation (HWF) for many years and designed their first website. Recently they went through an organizational shift and wanted the site to reflect that change.

The goal was simply to make a few changes to the existing content, but after a few discussions it was clear we needed to completely redesign the site. HWF had a completely new brand identity which needed to be emphasized and the organizational shift was significant; provide integrative health resources for Practitioners only.

Lesson learned: You’ll never know what will come out of your discovery meetings and why it is SO important to discuss and plan before any work begins.

Goal and Challenge

The previous site was rich and content heavy, so the challenge was to incorporate the existing content, merge it with all the new content, and lay it out accordingly. Content included videos, podcasts, books, online courses, blogs, PDFs, case studies, and articles.

As always, we want to find out who’ll be visiting the site? Practitioners. And for what? Integrative health resources. And why? To learn about incorporating integrative health into their practice.

The goal was set…time to get to work. As with any of our projects, we sketch out, on paper (yes paper), where content will live on the site, how content will flow from one page to the next. After sketches are complete, those get converted into informational and visual design mockups. The approved design(s) are then converted into website templates and integrated into the WordPress content management system (CMS) for testing and final launch.

News and Resources Page Screenshots side by side

Resources and Multimedia Pages

Solutions and Highlights

Some highlights from the project include a robust Resources area where practitioners can search by category or keyword to find an abondance of related articles. Some resources are programmed, dynamically, to display within different sections of the website. The site also includes a Multimedia page that dynamically syncs between HWF’s podcast and video channels. The benefit is users stay on the site.

Upon reaching the site via the homepage, users are immediately introduced to HWF, and learn if they’re in the right place and where to go to next…all above the fold. As the visitor scrolls down, they’re introduced to more resources and are lead or directed (maybe unconsciously) to move onto other areas of the site for more in-depth content.

The site layout was designed so visitors could find resources easily but not get overwhelmed by the sheer vastness of content.

  • Sliders were incorporated to show content one at a time.
  • Internal links and/or content blocks were used to provide introductions and direct visitors to more robust areas of content.
  • Extra white space was added around elements to slow down the visitor and present a sense of calmness.

The project was really a rewarding experience. Check out the new site and let us know your feedback or if you’d like to schedule a brief 15-minute call to discuss how we can do the same for your organization.

Before and After
Dr. Wayne Jonas Website BeforeHealing Works Foundation Website After

Organization: Healing Works Foundation
Launch Date:
March 2024
Features: Resource Database, Multimedia Inclusion, WordPress CMS
Project: Website Redesign

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MJS Web Solutions has designed at least three websites for us and each project was completed on time, on budget and achieved our goals.

– Jennifer Wright Dorr, Healing Works Foundation

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