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In Spirit Remedies Website Design

Jennifer Olley, of In Spirit Remedies, needed a new website for her holistic therapy business. Starting out, she didn’t need anything extravagant; just a basic site that performed well and included enough information for her prospective clients. She chose our Small Business Website Package.


In less than 3 weeks since launching the website, In Spirit Remedies has received 5 clients – not leads – so far.


MJS Web Solutions created a complete, custom design built under the WordPress CMS framework. When we say complete, we mean a website developed with our 4-phase development solution.

  1. Planning: During this phase we determine website goals/objective, target audience, etc.  We decided to create a one-page website rather than creating multiple pages that would need to be ‘filled’ or ‘stuffed’ with content. A one-page website was better suited for In Spirit and her prospective clients with succinct and less wordy copy.
  2. Information Design: Knowing our objectives, target audience, etc. we created a wireframe or blueprint of the page directly from copy, delivered to us from the client, in only a Word document.
  3. Visual Design: After a few revisions and signoff we create a visual design which wraps around and complements the content.
  4. Production and Launch: After revisions and signoff on the design we program the website, integrate all applications, test and launch.

Our 4-phase development process ensures a website with no surprises, exactly tailored to your target audience and delivers results.

Launch Date: July 2021
Features: WordPress CMS, One-Page, Responsive
Project: New Website Design

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