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Pro Accountancy Website Design by MJS Web Solutions


George E. Reinhardt, an accountant, had recently split ways with his former business partners and was starting a brand-new accounting business.  Clients were in short supply and a website was needed to help generate leads and provide a distinct professionalism for new (and existing) clients.

Our Solution

Following our 4-phase web development system we established a website goal/objective of: ‘fixing or solving businesses’ tax problems or challenges’. The majority of George’s client base was either startups who were new to accounting tax laws, etc. or entrepreneurs who were tax educated, but were dissatisfied with their current accounting firm.

Knowing the website goal and target base, we designed the homepage (and site) from a top-down approach. (Refer to the layout image below)

  1. The initial heading demonstrates helping to solve the problem with an immediate call to action
  2. Next, showing ‘how we can help’
  3. Then showing ‘who can help’ with the how.
  4. And then ‘what we are doing’ to help
  5. And finally…if you’re satisfied, make contact.
Pro Accountancy Homepage Layout Diagram

Launch Date: January 2022
Features: WordPress CMS, Responsive
Project: Website Design

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