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Promote Your Website Through Partnering

After The Apprentice (yes I am addicted) an advertisement said to go to and type in “the apprentice fantasy game“.

I thought it was interesting that NBC (the apprentice) said go to Yahoo to search for “the apprentice fantasy game” instead of telling me to just go to (Notice on the Yahoo/Apprentice Game site there is an advertisement for Fusion, which they promoted on the show today).


Do it to promote your website. Whether online or off, the ultimate goal is to draw traffic to your website.


Partner online. Do it to promote links to your website. I’ve mentioned before that quality links to your website – will obviously generate traffic – but also help you achieve higher search results.

Where do I start?

Who are you partnering with right now? Do they have a website? Do you belong to clubs or charity organizations? Are you a member of your local chamber of commerce? Get added to their online member directories. Add yourself to the online yellow pages and other online directories specificlly related to your business.

If you’re on the web, make sure you’re found on the web.

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