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Real or Email Spam?

I just received an email from Sprint asking for a survey and in return $10 off my bill. Great I thought until I looked a little closer to the email.

There were a few red flags (outlined below) which ultimately made me delete the email.

  1. The Dear field doesn’t include my name. It’s the code to insert a name.
  2. Poor email layout. Out of place vertical and horizontal gray bars.
  3. Again, poor email layout. Bullet points are inconsistent.
  4. Font throughout email is Times New Roman; an internet or email default font. Not professional at all.


They did get a few things right which gave me pause, but I still deleted the email.

  1. I do own a Galaxy S III
  2. And my phone number

If you want to get your customer base to read or engage with your email you better perform a few tests before sending it out. Clearly Sprint did not do this…if the email really was from Sprint.

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