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Right Click This!

I use the right-click button on my mouse all the time and I would suggest anyone who owns a PC to right-click anything they see on their screen. You’ll be amazed at what you can do and what options you’ll have.

When we start a new project at MJS Web Solutions, we always research our customer’s competing websites. During our research I came across the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce website and tried to use the right-click feature to go ‘Back’ and received the following error message:

Provide Access For Everyone

I understand website owners do not want their data stolen or used in an unauthorized manner, but don’t disable my ability to move throughout the website. This is wrong and not user friendly at all. I’m sure they don’t understand the other ramifications (i.e. Back feature) of disabling the right-click option, otherwise they wouldn’t inconvenience users visiting their site.

If you don’t want people to steal your web content, add a disclaimer at the bottom of every web page. If you don’t want people to copy or download your images add a watermark to your images.

Disabling access to the right-click feature does not prevent anyone from stealing your images. I can take a screenshot (click ‘Print Screen’ on my keyboard) and copy the whole site. So basically disabling the right-click feature is pointless and causes grief for the good visitors while your trying to protect from the bad visitors.

Web Usability and User Experience

I’m writing about web usability issues here. To answer the questions: How well does a website manage my ability to read it, access it, maneuver through it and get what I want? It’s all about the user experience.

Disabling the right-click feature and other kinds of interruptions may get people upset and leave your site.

Our goal, and the goal of every web designer, should be to provide access for everyone. And always build your website with the visitor in mind.

Have a great week.

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