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Save Web Surfing Time With RSS Reader Sage

We’re back!

It’s been an amazing past few months. We’ll first off…I got married on May 12, the day we first met 6 years ago. Justine and I got married in Alameda at the First Presbyterian Church. Jack Buckley was the kind gentleman who married us. Thank you Jack. We spent our reception on the San Francisco Bay exploding to the KABOOM fireworks where Justine and I met for the first time. It was the best day of my life! Thank you everyone! You made our dream come true.

Now back to business… 😉

Another reason for not contributing to my blog recently is that my workload here at MJS has been off the charts. I have not been able to devote enough quality time to my blog. Customers came first. I’m sure you understand and I thank you for tuning in.

Sage LogoSaving Time With Sage

Since my time becomes more valuable each day and I need to stay on top of the SEO world (I used to visit Threadwatch exclusively, but it just recently shut down), I setup an add-on to Firefox called Sage. It’s an RSS reader that pulls specific data you choose (to a certain extent) to view from your favorite sites and lists all that content into one place. (This is the true definition of an RSS reader).

Now I can surf the internet and view all the latest SEO headlines from one place. A great time saver!

Mike Swartz says, “Check it Out”.

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