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Search Engine Keyword Selection

Choosing the correct keywords is one of the most important factors when optimizing your website for search engines. Keywords are the backbone of search engine optimization, so choosing the right ones is critical.

Here is a simple list to get you started thinking about keywords and ultimately choosing the right ones.

  1. Check your website statistics – Here you will find what keywords people are typing in and what search engines they’re using.
  2. Use the obvious – You’ve already thought of a few keywords. Pick some more that come to mind. Think of your industry, customers, competition, etc. Ask the question: “What keywords would my customers use to find my website?”
  3. Check your competition’s website – What keywords is your competition using? Choose View | Source Code from your browser and look at the & tags. Could you use the same or a variation of their keywords?
  4. Just ask – Ask colleagues, your friends and even your customers.

This will give you a good list to start from. You might want to use all of them, but focus in on about 10 or less. The more focused your selection, the better.

When choosing your keywords, always remember to make sure you’re targeting your market, your niche, and your customers. Put yourself in their shoes.

‘til next time.

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