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Search Engines Love Text, Not Images


I received a call a few months ago about why her website was not coming up in the search engines. After reviewing her website, I had the answer.

Her homepage (which was her whole website) was an image. The search engines couldn’t find her site because it was an image. Search engines index images, but they don’t index text if the text is part of the image. (You’ll know its real text when you can highlight it with your mouse).

My suggestion to her was to convert the image text to real text. By doing this Google and other search engines would be able to index her page and she’d show up in the search engines.

It Worked

I saw her last week at the latest Chamber mixer and she wanted to say thanks because after changing her site, it is now being indexed by Google and coming up higher in the search engines.

I’m always glad to help out…and know that it’s working. 😉

So…lesson learned…if you’re website is filled with text images, remove them and replace them with real text.

Remember, search engines love plain ‘ol text.

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