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SEO Blogging Tips

I recently watched a video from WordCamp 2007 where Matt Cutts spoke about Whitehat SEO tips for bloggers.

It was a good hour and I thought others would like my compiled SEO tips from the show rather than watch the entire hour.

SEO Blogging Tips

  • Write a keyword rich title
  • Suggested Keyword Tool from Matt Cutts
  • Don’t put your blog at the root of your web server.
  • Name it /blog/, not /wordpress/
  • Use word variants. I.E. ‘change’ and ‘changing’ in Title, Body text, etc.
  • Use keywords in categories
  • Use keywords in URL (slug)
  • Extensions do not matter
  • Keep parameters low (i.e. ‘?action=edit&post?etc’)
  • Google doesn’t care how many slashes you have in your URL or website address
  • You don’t need the date in the URL post
  • Standardize links (i.e. www or not, /directory/ or index.htm)

Here is the entire video:

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