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Website Wireframe Sketch

Sketch Out a Website Wireframe First

We develop most of our websites using a 5 phase system. In the 2nd phase, information development, we sketch out, on paper, a mockup website wireframe. A wireframe is simply a page showing where content will go, without any design elements.

Before we even open up our software, we sketch out, by hand, how the site will function. Old school, yeah?

I just completed the final design sketch for a client of ours.

Website Wireframe Sketch

The primary goal of my client’s website is to provide resources of information. The secondary goal is to market the business. So I’ve sketched out a two column layout with a few Questions on the left above a list of FAQ categories. And on the right column I have their services listed with a staff photo beneath.

Making your website successful takes planning and preparation even it means pen to paper before hand to mouse.

Update: The website is complete. Learn how we got from a wireframe sketch to a working website.

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