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Small Changes Lead to Big Profits

Hello. I hope you had a good weekend.

My weekend was busy again. Each weekend seems to bring new projects to the new homeowner. I rearranged my office, once again, for the final time (I hope). I realized making this small change had a dramatic effect on the layout of the room.

Rearranging Your Website to #1

Redesigning a website may seem like the next step, but rearranging or making a few minor changes to your site could have a more significant impact.

A customer of ours was not seeing the traffic they anticipated coming to their site, so we made a couple of slight modifications to the web copy and HTML code and now they’re #1 on Google.

What is Not Working?

Ask yourself, what is not working? Is it low sales, no contacts, page drop-offs? Whatever it may be…ask yourself, what is the problem? Maybe you just need to take care of the initial problem and not completely rebuild the website.

Take a look at Yahoo, Amazon, Google or Ebay. These websites really haven’t changed much since their inception. That’s because these websites work and they keep on working. Instead of a huge website redesign, they have made small changes along the way.

So if you’re thinking of redesigning your website or someone has told you a redesign is imperative, take a step back and ask yourself, is the whole site not working or are there just some problem areas that need a little tweaking?

Enjoy the rest of your week.

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