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Switch Between Open Windows the Apple Way

Windows SwitcherMy graphic designer uses a Mac (I use a PC) and while he was switching between windows I noticed how simple it was. One click the windows tiled all over the desktop. I was told it’s called Expose for the Mac.

Windows has something similar, but nothing in comparison. It’s me using the Alt+Tab buttons. The Windows Flip in Vista is pointless.

Switcher for Vista

Searching around the internet, I found Switcher for Vista. It works great, just like Mac’s Expose. You can also setup unlimited number of shortcuts. The most important shortcut for me was launching the program. I could use a keyboard shortcut, but I wanted to use the scroll wheel button to tile the windows.

How to Use the Mouse Scroll Wheel Button to Launch Windows Switcher

  1. In Switcher settings, go to Shortcuts link
  2. Click the ‘Change’ button next to Mouse Shortcut
  3. Select the shortcut in the left window
  4. Use these settings:Switcher Settings Usint Mouse Scroll Wheel Button
  5. Close and you’re done

Warning: You must click outside of any window otherwise the window will close.

Mike Swartz says, “Check it out”!

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