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Target Your Search

I was catching up on some quality magazine reading this weekend. An article in Information Week intrigued me about how Ask Jeeves is expanding its search services to compete with the big boys, like Google and Yahoo. And I quote:

“We’re the only one that takes a different approach to our ranking algorithms for search. Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft are essentially trying to emulate each other.” says Jim Lanzone, senior VP of search properties at Ask Jeeves.

The article is good. I hope Ask Jeeves can get me more relevant results in my searches.

Where Are Your Customers Searching?

I also found the article graphic interesting. According to the graph, Google and Yahoo dominate the pack with the most search queries. This is important for anyone marketing on the web. Where are people searching?Google and Yahoo lead in internet search queries

More important is the question, are your customers (i.e. internet searchers) using Google, Yahoo, MSN or Ask Jeeves? An interesting article at Interspire mentions that Google is good if you’re marketing technically oriented products and Yahoo caters more to general consumer products.

So go where your customers are searching.

Being the leader on the internet is important…especially to your target market.

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