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Teamwork - River Rafting


Hope you had a great weekend.

Mine was vigorous. My friends and I went river rafting (our annual tradition) down the Cache Creek River, two hours out of San Francisco.

Whitewater Adventures sponsors the rafting experience. These guys know how to travel down the river. For around $100, you get 2 days of river rafting, breakfast, lunch & dinner, and all you have to bring is yourself, a tent and sleeping bag – they handle the rest.

The day begins with a bus ride up the river; you’re dropped off and given a worthwhile and educational orientation about river safety before plunging into the river.

Each year we’ve always paired up and traveled down the river in a two man, inflatable canoe. This year we were uneven and had to use the 3 man raft, which required more cooperation from each of us. We elected Charles to man the raft and Chris and I took the sides.

While traveling down the river, teamwork is crucial. Each person has their own task of steering the raft and the task of cooperating with the others in making sure the raft doesn’t flip over. That seems to be the overall goal – to travel down the river without flipping the raft. We accomplished that goal – both Saturday and Sunday. Other rafters and members of our group were not so lucky. Some fell out more than once or ended up hugging the rocks with their rafts.

Our job, Chris and I, was to navigate for Charles and locate any rocks, rapids, bushes or trees that were approaching. This started to get a little confusing, since the whole river was filled with rocks. The running joke around camp and on the raft was, “Watch out for the rock!” Which rock? All of ’em.

Designing a website also requires teamwork. A general website team usually consists of the following:

  • Web Page Designer
  • Copywriter
  • Graphic Artist
  • Programmer
  • Internet Marketer
  • Project Manager

Each team member is as significant as the whole team. Establishing your selected team, you can ensure a successful website that is safeguarded from tasks falling through the cracks. Or in river rafting terms – rocks.

’til next time.

Photo by Julie Thornton on Unsplash

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