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The Big Little Guy

I’m a big music fan and I’m always looking for new good music. Radio is usually how I learn about new music, but I have to sit through a lot of junk (including commercials) to get to the good stuff. So I turn to the internet mostly to get my fix for new music.

After reading a story about micropayments in Information Week, I came across a company called BitPass. BitPass, and others, make it easier for organizations to process smaller eCommerce transactions without the high fees charged by credit-card companies. The intriguing thing about BitPass, and others, is that most of the proceeds of the transaction go directly to the artist or creator, not the big corporations. This is why I love the internet so much. It gives the little guy the opportunity to compete with the big boys (and sometimes win).

From Bitpass I was linked up to Loudburst, an online music store “offering independent artists multiple methods of distributing their music”. I was looking to find out how the transactions were processed and ended up spending more time listening to all the new music.

The Power of the Internet

Where else could I have gone from a story I saw in Information Week, a BitPass search on Google and then a link to Loudburst for some new music? Only on the internet.

Speaking of the little guy competing with the big boys, check out how boutique agencies are winning big clients. Woohoo! This is definitely some good positive reinforcement. 😉

Don’t ever underestimate the little guy.

Enjoy your week.

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