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The Email Advantage

I am always anxious to read new material, whether books, magazines or Internet articles, on business or any kind of web related topics.

One book I picked up, called “101 Ways to Promote Your Web Site“, has some very good suggestions on improving your website traffic using email. Though the book is a few years old, the same principles still apply.

  1. Use an email signature – Nothing is more simple than creating a signature file to attach to all of your emails. The file should include your name, company name, slogan, phone, email address and website address. You should also announce any new developments within the company, new products or services.
  2. Keep your email message focused on one topic – Not really a traffic generator, but it will help get your message across. If you include too many subjects in one email, your main message may get lost in the mix. Keep each email focused on one topic and you’ll find your email response rate increase.
  3. Use your company’s email address (This is my own suggestion) – I’ve seen people who are using their Yahoo or Hotmail email accounts when they have perfectly good website email addresses they could use. Instead of, setup an email account that includes your website: Promote your website, not Yahoo’s.

Email is one of the most crucial forms of communication we have with our clients, prospects, suppliers and colleagues. Use it to your advantage.

Have a great weekend.

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