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There is No Shortcut

Tonight I attended an “Introduction to Pilates” class at Mariner Square. It was a really fast introduction, so I picked up a Pilates book we have to learn a little more and really enjoyed this quote, in the book, from Stephen R. Covey

“We live in a modern society that loves shortcut techniques. Yet quality of life cannot be achieved by taking the right shortcut. There is no shortcut. But there is a path. The path is based on principles revered throughout history. If there is one message to glean from this wisdom, it is that a meaningful life is not a matter of speed or efficiency. It’s much more a matter of what you do and why you do it than how fast you get it done.”

If you take the shortcut, you miss the learning process of getting there.

Think about this quote when you’re waiting for your website to be #1 in Google. It takes time and patience.

There is No Magic Bullet

I just read a great interview about a gentleman who earns $10,000/day from AdSense. He says “there is no magic bullet…through testing you can always improve.”

I spoke about this before…making minor changes to your website can have a dramatic effect on your overall bottom line. Learn from Yahoo, Google, Amazon. All are successful websites that haven’t really changed that drastically over time, but only improved on a good thing. Check out the path or growth of these sites at Wayback Machine.


Stephen Covey is right. There is no shortcut, but there is always a way.

Have a great weekend.

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