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They Got Me…I Opened It

Not an internet related post, but a very good, yet sneaky, marketing tactic (or trick).

What looks like an important package is cleverly disguised as merely a sales letter.


I will usually open junk mail because:

  1. It may actually be legitimate (i.e. my new credit card or a check)
  2. I’m in marketing and I am just that curious

I could conclude this is good marketing, but I’m not a fan of any junk mail (online or offline). I’m a fan of permission marketing. This is not. It’s as bad as a telemarketer calling me in the middle of the night.

This example is truly deceptive. I really thought for a moment this was an ‘extremetly important’ package. It was not. NOTE: More often than not, when it says ‘extremely important’, it’s not.


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