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Think Content

The #1 reason people use the web is to locate quality content. Designing a website is not only about visual design. It’s also about content design – especially the words we present to our audience.

When writing for the web…

Think Scanning
People skim and scan words on the Internet. They rarely read every word. Use words or phrases that will catch users attention when reading. Also, separate content with headings or bold words for quick viewing.

Think Keywords
When writing content for your website, always remember to think search engines and how your target audience will locate you. Ask yourself, “What words or phrases will my customers use to find my organization?”

Think Links
This is how the Internet is built and how Google index’s the web – by jumping from one link to the other. Use keywords as links, not “click here.” These words do not have any relevance to your company, target audience or Google.

Also…I know search engines are important, but remember who will be visiting your website…humans. Write for humans first, then for search engines.

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