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Think Locally

Hello. Hope you are well.

I decided to walk to the bank today to take care of some business. It’s about 5 good blocks from our new office. What was so interesting about this walk is I realized how close I am to quite a few of my customers.

My route – depicted in this diagram – included the following customers:

My Walk

This is the beauty of living and doing business locally. The convenience factor is incredible.

Optimize Your Website Locally

So too when optimizing your website. Optimize locally. I always tell people looking to improve their rankings on the search engines to focus geographically or locally. It is one of the easiest ways of driving traffic to your website.

Are Most of Your Customers Local?

If you want to see a divorce attorney, you’re going to look locally. If you need a dentist or want to join a church, you’re going to look locally. So don’t compete with the world when you’re optimizing your website – compete locally.

  1. Begin at Google Local. Google has now incorporated their local search results with their mapping system and vice versa.
  2. Check out Yahoo Local too.
  3. And don’t forget to optimize your website with relevant local keywords.

Think locally and enjoy the rewards.

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