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Time is Our Most Precious Commodity

It’s time for another blog post. Time – that’s what we need more of. We all could use a little more time in our lives, especially during the holiday season. But we only have so much time on this earth – life is too short – so it’s important we save time whenever we can.

The beauty of technology and the internet is that it was supposed to save us time and make things easier. It has in certain ways, but it’s also increased the amount of time that we spend with technology.

Some good examples of how the internet has helped us save time:

  1. eCommerce sites: You can browse, see reviews and purchase all in one setting. No more wasting time in malls, in the car or in long lines.
  2. Business card/brochureware sites: With only a couple of web pages (or one), businesses can announce their business, product or service, provide details and ways to contact in a very short amount of time.
  3. Internet Banking: Rarely do I write a check anymore, or lick a stamp. I login to my bank account online and pay ALL my bills in just a few clicks. An amazing time saver.

Saving Time Designing Your Website

When browsing the internet, do you notice which sites save you time? They’re the ones you visit. They probably have these three characteristics:

  1. Pages load in 10 – 12 seconds or less – Visitors will go elsewhere if they have to wait any longer.
  2. Legible design – Web users scan the web; they rarely read every word. Good use of headlines, bold text, lists and short paragraphs will save time for your visitors.
  3. Easy to use – Build your site so it is easy to find information. Good navigation, search features, and a site map will go a long way.

Time is our most precious commodity. Don’t waste it. Use it wisely and be smart about it. I hope time is on your side this holiday season.

Until next time…

Photo by Agê Barros on Unsplash

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