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To Blog or Not to Blog?

That was the question. Now I’ve decided to do it.

What is a blog?
A blog is the next revolution in communication. First there was email, then came Instant Messaging and now Blogging. A blog is an online journal or diary…at least that’s how it started out. On personal websites, people, mostly kids/students, would post their thoughts of the day online. Blogging really started taking off when businesses began to recognize its immediate potential. Literally immediate. What better way to provide immediate company updates or meeting minutes, news items and press releases.

Why Blog? (or Why I Chose to Blog?)
To share ideas, thoughts, web tips and tricks, search engine news, and any other web related topics we think are worthy with our customers, partners, friends and even our competition.

To find out more about blogging and all its glory, visit:

CNN News

or type in “blog” or “blogging” into your favorite search engine.

Mike Swartz says check it out!

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