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Top 10 WordPress Themes of 2017

The tallies are in!

We’ve got the top 10 best-selling themes added in 2017 fresh off the press.
See what theme took the top spot and which niches dominated.

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WordPress Theme - Listing Pro

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ListingPro $39

Perfect for: Directory, Business, Search

Listingpro is the solution for all must-have directory businesses. Features include auto-location, near me functionality, auto recurring payments, smart filter and smart search to help you find what you need.

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WordPress Theme - Stack

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Stack $39

Perfect for: E-commerce, Corporate, Portfolio

Stack is a robust theme with reuse and modularity at its core. It features variant page builder, premium plugins, and 290 customizable interface blocks, ideal for all your business needs.

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WordPress Theme - Native

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Native $39

Perfect for: Startup, WooCommerce, Blog

Beginner friendly, Native requires no coding skills and comes with an easy to use front page editor. WooCommerce integration and bundled plugins make it perfect for small businesses.

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WordPress Theme - Jannah

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Jannah $59

Perfect for: News, Magazine, Blog

From 1-click installation demos, unlimited header styles and even an animated weather widget, Jannah is the ideal theme for all your content marketing. Switch now without losing any post data.

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WordPress Theme Boo

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Boo $39

Perfect for: Blog, Corporate, Portfolio

Boo has clearly been crafted with care. 200+ modular templates, impeccable designs, a live customizer to view edits real-time, smooth hover effects and animations will help websites of any kind.

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WordPress Theme Travel

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Travel Tour $65

Perfect for: Travel, Booking, Blog

Give customers the trip of a lifetime with Travel Tour, featuring flexible pricing, coupon codes, advance search, multiple payment options, a customer dashboard and auto reminders.

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WordPress Theme MyHome

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MyHome $59

Perfect for: Real Estate, Property, Classifieds

Myhome is a clean modern theme which features multiple listing layouts, search functionality and google map integration; making it easy for visitors to find their dream home.

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WordPress Theme ListGo

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ListGo $32

Perfect for: Travel, Directory, Bookings

ListGo boasts listing details, auto location, building listing box with Wiloke Design Tools, WooCommerce integration and much more. Perfect for everything you need in a directory website.

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WordPress Theme MyListing

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Mylisting $32

Perfect for: Commercial, e-Commerce, Business

Mylisting lets you create any functional directory sites using Elementor, the first full free and open-source front-end page builder. With no coding required, it’s easy to use and customize your site in style.

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WordPress Theme Zox News

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Zox News $59

Perfect for: News, Magazine, e-Commerce

Zox News gives you a wide range of tools and options. It’s WooCommerce ready and includes premium plugins, unlimited ad units and featured headlines to create the most professional news site.

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