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Two New Websites Launched by MJS Web Solutions

Matsco LogoRed Condor LogoHello.

We’ve been very busy around here the last couple of weeks and that’s lead to a limited amount of postings.

What could be taking up so much of our time around here, you ask?

Well, it’s preparing and launching 3 separate websites in a week.

  1. Our most impressive work to date (I’m so modest), and just launched last week, is, a dental, veterinary, and optometric practice financing firm. We’ve been working on this site for quite awhile and you can see why it took the time it did.
  2. We also launched Red Condor, an email and spam filtering firm.
  3. We’ll tell you about this one tomorrow. It hasn’t officially launched.

Both sites were created exclusively using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and built for maximum search engine exposure.

Mike Swartz says, “Check ’em out”.

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