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Virus Prevention

I don’t know if this was a coincidence or just plain irony (or both), but just as I was finishing up writing an article on virus prevention for the Alameda Chamber of Commerce Newsletter, our email servers were hit with the PE_ZAFI.B virus (TrendMicro, as of today, rates PE_ZAFI.B virus as the #1 top threat).

The email servers were not actually infected, but they were inundated with numerous emails being sent from client based computers, acting as email distributors, thus slowing down the delivery process significantly. See our News section for more info.

I thought it was fitting to post part of the article (with a separate download), seeing as how other people may have been affected or who wanted to take more precautionary methods to avoid other viruses.

Listed below are the three most important ways of preventing virus outbreaks on your computer.

  1. Use a hardware firewall system – This would include a router and personal firewall software. Utilizing a firewall system keeps your computer or home network separate from the Internet and creates filters to block unsuspecting virus threats.
  2. Keep your operating system updated – PC/Window users use Microsoft’s Windows Update feature. Configure your system to automatically download the latest updates.
  3. Install antivirus protection software – Purchase and install immediately to all of your computers.

’til next time.

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