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Steps in Forest - Web Design Process

Web Design Process: From Wireframe to Website

Recently I wrote about sketching out a wireframe first, on paper, before opening up any software program. We call that Stage 2: Information Design. (Stage 1: Strategic Planning is all about getting and analyzing content and establishing a goal or objective for the website).

Well, I wanted you to see what became of that sketch. (It became a website, of course)

After I sketched out, on paper, where I wanted content to go, I used Mockflow to design the homepage wireframe.

Matt Duncan Wireframe

After a couple of revisions from the client, we moved onto Stage 3: Visual Design. This is the stage where all the colors and typefaces come in. We essentially wrap the design around the content.

Matt Duncan Visual Design
Matt Duncan Visual Design

After a few revisions from the client, it’s onto Stage 4: Production. This is the stage where the picture above becomes a working website with links, rollovers, rotators, database integration and more.

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Photo by Rich Wooten on Unsplash

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