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Website Security

I have been using Paypal quite frequently lately and I’ve noticed that every page I visit is through a secured connection. That makes me feel better as a Paypal user, especially after their recent troubles.

Website security is an important part of any website.

Website security can take many forms. The most basic is just providing a ‘secure’ feeling on your website.

  1. Add a Privacy Policy page: Just having this page can make your visitors feel more comfortable doing business with you.
  2. Provide a secure connection: If you have a form (or eCommerce section) on your website that may ask for sensitive information, then secure it. Also tell your visitors you are providing a secure connection. Some people may not realize it and would be more inclined to offer their information.
  3. Hide your email address (this is more security for the website owner): Hackers and email spammers visit websites to steal your email address and use it for spamming. One way to get around this is to hide your email from the spammers, but not from your visitors.

There’s another reason why you want to provide your visitors with a secure feeling. According to a recent survey, “nearly one-third of US Internet users are cutting back on Web usage and 25 percent say they have stopped buying online due to fears of identity theft and other threats”.

Securing your site may ultimately become the reason why someone would do business with you. There is a lot of distrust out there on the internet. Our job, as website owners, is to recognize this distrust and provide that comfort, secure feeling, to our visitors.

Have a secure week. 😉

Photo by Michael Chacon on Unsplash

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