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Email newsletters are not just for regularly scheduled news; they can also be utilized for marketing campaigns.

  • Do you need to get the word out about an event or sale?
  • Or an office grand opening?
  • How about a new service or product you want to promote?
  • What about the holidays?

MJS Web Solutions can deliver a complete email newsletter campaign that is consistent with your branding and image. This includes strategic planning, responsive email design, HTML conversion and testing thoroughly on multiple email clients and platforms.

Email Newsletter Landing Pages

Many times an email announcement is not enough. Sometimes you may want your recipients to download a coupon, fill out a form or simply make contact. Landing pages can achieve these requests.

MJS Web Solutions can setup and design responsive landing pages and forward the data via an email or integrate the lead information into a database or a [abbr title=”Customer Relationship Management”]CRM[/abbr] service like Salesforce.

Notice: Sending Bulk Emails

We’ll design the responsive email newsletter, but when sending emails, we suggest working with a third party email service provider (ESP). Why? Sending vast quantities of email at a time from your email client may result in your mail server getting blacklisted as well as your domain. Many third party email service providers (ESP) work under the CAN-SPAM Act. Also, these vendors provide extensive reporting, hosting of the emails if recipients cannot read the email and text only versions.

MJS Web Solutions has worked with many different email service providers (ESP) including: Constant Contact, Vertical Response, AWeberMailChimp and iContact.

Email Newsletter Tips

When creating an email newsletter campaign, make sure the most important information is at the top. The email should invoke a call to action (CTA) like free shipping with your first order.


  • Keep the email copy brief. Your customers are very busy. Don’t waste their time.
  • Generate excitement about your product or service.
  • Establish an awareness. People will want it if they feel a need to have it.
  • Appeal to their pocketbook. Will your customers save or make money?
  • Create urgency. When faced with a deadline people act.
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