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Red House - What is your homepage?

What is Your Homepage?


I’ve been gone awhile. I have a good excuse; I was on vacation in Hong Kong, the Philippines and Taiwan celebrating my birthday and my fiance’s father’s 60 birthday. What a blast.


On a popular online forum, I asked the question “What is your homepage?”

I was curious…

What is your browser’s homepage?

Mine is Threadwatch.

I ask because I was thinking about changing it.


Most of the people who responded said Google was their homepage of choice. This revelation is very intriguing from an SEO perspective.

Search Statistics

63% of internet user’s daily activities are performing searches (2nd to email which is 77%). In March of 2006, 5.9 billion searches were performed. 49% of those searches were on Google.

These stats coincide with the answers I received from my forum post. Most users, when using the internet, use it to search.

It’s very important to recognize these facts. People just don’t go to websites they know or like. Their first choice is to search for what they want, not go to it directly.

So I ask…What is your homepage?

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