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Yahoo’s Local Search

A little tidbit before your holiday weekend…

I just – by accident – found Yahoo “Local” Search. It’s new. It’s still in beta (still in test mode). But they’re serious.

  • They have “a note from the Local team”
  • A “tell us what you think” form.
  • And a survey.

They want your input. Submit your organization by using the feedback form.


More about Yahoo Local Search

Based on my searches, if you have your name in the local phone book, you’ve got a head start and are listed. Check out this story to learn more about Yahoo Local Search.

And if your name is represented, and you haven’t submitted your website, a visitor can perform a “web search” on your organization.

In a previous post I wrote about Google and their local search and how local searching is and will continue to be big business.

Local searching is important.

If you’re a local business, (isn’t every business local to somebody?) it would be wise to make sure you come up in these listings. Your potential customers will be using local searches too.

Boy, I thought this was going to be a short post… 😉

Enjoy your labor-less holiday, if you know what I mean.

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