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Yahoo’s Ridiculous Pay Inclusion Policy

I was searching the Yahoo Directory to find out how many website designers or agencies had their websites listed in the directory. Not many. I assume it’s because the Yahoo Directory doesn’t produce enough traffic to these sites to warrant an inclusion. Or maybe it’s because submitting your website – for $299.00 – doesn’t guarantee inclusion.

Yahoo Will Consider Your Website – For a Non-Refundable Fee

That’s right. Yahoo says you have to pay them $299.00 (USD) to be considered placement in their directory. Note, this fee is non-refundable and “does not guarantee a listing in the Yahoo! Directory”.

What is the point of paying if you’re website is not guaranteed a listing? I can understand if you had offensive content on your site and Yahoo wished not to include it. But the common sense approach, or the ethical/moral approach, would be to refund your money if they were not going to list your site. That’s not the case. The non-refundable fee you pay, to Yahoo, to be considered for placement in their directory is not guaranteed.

Are people actually paying this fee? By the look of the websites listed, not many.

Submit Your Website Elsewhere

There really isn’t any point to paying this kind of money just to be considered. With today’s search engines – even Yahoo’s – your website will be listed in the search engines eventually. And more people nowadays are using search engines – rarely directories.

If you want to submit, submit to Yahoo’s search engine – for FREE.

If you want to add your website to a directory, go to Open Directory Project. You can submit your site for FREE…and be considered.

Mike Swartz says, “Check it Out!”

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