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Zero Inbox Quick Solution: Move to Folder in Outlook

I use Outlook pretty much exclusively for email and my Inbox can get really full, really fast.

Messages may get lost or forgotten so I’ll mark some as follow up and/or I’ll quickly move them to an appropriate folder to clean up my inbox.

Here’s how to quickly move your email messages from the Inbox to another folder and achieve zero inbox bliss.

Add a ‘Move to Folder’ button to the Outlook Toolbar

  1. Right click on the toolbar
  2. Select Customize
  3. From the Commands tab drag and drop the ‘Move to Folder…’ command to your toolbar.

Customize Outlook Toolbar

Move email to Folder

  1. Select the email message you want to move
  2. Click on the Move to Folder icon you created
  3. Select folder
    (Cool Feature: Folders are listed by most recent move)

Move to Folder

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